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Hidden Spy App on your Mobile Phone – Learn how to detect it

21 Oct , 2018  

Spy apps can steal all your mobile information and drain your batteries. If your battery is draining faster than usual, your data has been draining really quickly or your phone is getting slower than before, it means a spy app has attacked your phone. Weird texts appearing on your phone and random applications appearing are also strong indicators of spy apps.

If you want to keep away from spy apps, stay away from apps from unknown sources and go for a factory reset after having a back up of your info.

The below infographic to identify if your phone has a hidden spy app and how to get rid of it


hidden spy app

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All About Kratom by The Numbers

10 Aug , 2018  

Kratom is a botanical supplement used for treatment of many things including minor pain and promote a sense of health and well-being.

According to America Kratom Association, zero death has been proven to be caused by Kratom. Over 26K Americans have asked the American President Trump to not to ban kratom and make it legal. Not just that, the most interesting part is that even doctors and vets are also supporting kratom and told DEA that they don’t want kratom ban. More…

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Corded Vs Cordless Saw

27 Jul , 2018  

Cutting tools comes in 2 different varieties one is corded and the other is cordless. Each of these has its own pros and cons. This infographic explains the difference between the two so that you could make a better informed buying decision.

Corded circular saw runs by electricity and requires a great amount of skill to operate where as cordless runs by battery and are not as powerful as corded. Know more differences by taking a look @ the following inforgaphic.

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corded vs cordless cutting toos

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Tax Deduction Changes for 2018

28 Jun , 2018  

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act created a major impact for individuals and businesses:

The Corporate Tax Rate Drops. Individual tax payers get new standard deductions. But, many personal deductions were eliminated or limited. This includes items like alimony, mortgage interest, investment fees and many others.

There is a silver lining though:

Surprisingly, TCJA increased the value of Defined Benefit & Cash Balance plans for certain individuals.

We’ve summarized the major changes to the tax law in this revealing infographic.

Tax Deduction Changes for 2018

Infographic by


Benefits of Recycling

28 Jun , 2018  

Everyone should learn and understand the benefits of recycling and its positive impact on the environment. If we could covert all the organic and natural wastes into compost or natural fertilizer, we can prevent landfills to a huge extent. Plus, composting can help reduce methane emissions. All the energy from the wastes can be harnessed and used for beneficial purposes. Just one composting company, the East Side Compost Peddlers have reduced landfills by a quarter million pounds. So, imagine how much landfill can be decreased if more companies come forward to prepare compost from organic waste? This infographic gives you the idea.


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Evolution of An Entrepreneur – From Renaissance Tradesmen to Information Age

28 Jun , 2018  

evolution of an entrepreneur by homestead

Establishing a business in the early world was not an easy feat and one who has had, had controlled over majority of the wealth and income. During those days, about 25% of occupations in the middle ages were out of agriculture, and entrepreneurs were mostly merchants and craftsmen. Craftsmen get trained as a trainee till they get a handhold in their craftsmanship and those with skills were able to make it as a entrepreneur. Merchants started travelling outside and built major trading posts along major trade routes. And, from then the colonial expansion started, and the global companies were established.

It was during industrial revolution the credit system assisted budding business men to secure funds for risky new ventures. During this era there were some extraordinary achievements and advancements in technology, transportation, energy, communications, industrial productions, etc. Then came the 20th century, the age when advertisement and communication took a central focus. The new media then was Newspaper, Television and radio. These media were used to market and advertise the products to masses. Finally, now is our very own information age. The increase in usage of personal computers to hand devices is phenomenal. This is the age where we have witnessed internet, selling goods online, search engines and many such e-market space. The modern entrepreneurs go beyond product and services innovation to managing employees and establishing new companies.

But one thing remains common among all entrepreneurs. Check this infographic by Homestead to know what it is…

evolution of an entrepreneur by homestead


Tips to secure your office’s sensitive information

28 Jun , 2018  

The need for security and safety has become of much importance in today’s world due to increase in theft, malpractices, technological hacks if the security mechanism in a company is not stringent.

This infographic explains a few simple tips businesses can follow to secure sensitive information. Though these tips are not very end high, it can surely help you get started on making your office front line path safe and secure for everyone involved.

Infographic design by Cogent

5 tips to secure information in an organization

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28 Jun , 2018