20Feb 2017

You have a nice home. It is warm and protected from the rain and snow. Unfortunately, wild animals want to live under that roof with you to get out of the snow, cold, and wind as well. In the wintertime, just about every animal will try to enter your home and set up a nice […]

23Apr 2015

The eternal debate between dogs and cats is always on, with both cat and dog lovers fiercely supporting their favourite pet. But, have you ever calculated which pet costs you more to maintain? The comparative expenses on food are pretty close with the costs for dog food being $120 and cat food $150. While comparing […]

23Apr 2015

One can almost say that there’s nothing in this world that can he compared to the fun and the thrill of watching horses race against each other to reach the final line. The power of the huge beast and its sheer strength is a marvel to watch. So, it is not surprising that horse racing […]