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With search engine algorithms changing every quarter and hundreds of factors being judged by search engines before ranking your site, quality search engine optimisation (SEO) has baffled many small business owners for a long time now. While corporate giants and funded startups might enjoy the luxury of hiring deep-pocketed agencies to get this work done, […]

Technology has seeped into literally all industries and air cargo is no different. Cargo worth billions of dollars and euros are handled by air cargo industry all over the world and with time competition is growing intense in this sector. To stand tall amidst competition, players in this sector need to implement technology in their […]

There are several benefits of hosting a visitor management system on cloud. With this infographic, we are going to show 6 benefits that every facility or security manager has always desired to have in their legacy system. This Infographic designed and submitted by Cogent Innovations Pvt Ltd.

This is an amazing and great big list of infographic ideas with around 25 themes and concepts being discussed here that can help you create infographics! It states some interesting facts about infographics and moves from one idea to another, discussing it in details and with examples for a better understanding of the viewer. You […]

Check the recent statistics of Divorce rates in the US. The average divorce rate in America is 50% approximately. It has been identified that males and females married between age 20-24 have the highest divorce rate statistics. The male divorce rate in this age group is about 38.9% and amongst female it is 36.6%. Learn more […]

Find from this infographic the most simple yet very useful and powerful tips to secure your home from being robbed. Ensure that before leaving your house, you follow all these tips and make house safe and secured. This infographic is brought to you by a leading supplier of security cameras, fire alarms, access controls and other […]