20Jan 2017

Technology has seeped into literally all industries and air cargo is no different. Cargo worth billions of dollars and euros are handled by air cargo industry all over the world and with time competition is growing intense in this sector. To stand tall amidst competition, players in this sector need to implement technology in their […]

24Nov 2016
cloud based visitor management system

There are several benefits of hosting a visitor management system on cloud. With this infographic, we are going to show 6 benefits that every facility or security manager has always desired to have in their legacy system. This Infographic designed and submitted by Cogent Innovations Pvt Ltd.

20May 2015

Here is the statistics that shows 2015’s top 30 riches people in America. The big software giant Bill Gates tops the list followed with Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway and Larry Ellison of Oracle. Curated from America’s Top 30 Riches People As of 2015

15Apr 2015
ebay infographic

Ecommerce and the online stores are just ahead of everything what we expected years before. eBay, the giant marketplace allows the user to buy and sell everything online, even the used or refurbished products. The first product that was sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer in 1995. eBay was found by Pierre Omidyar […]

12Apr 2015
make money without job infographic

“Money has been a major demand in this fast moving world. There are many ways to make money but without a job it seems to be bit difficult. Here are few tips that helps your make money without going for a job. If you have little talent, you are sure to make money by doing […]

12Apr 2015
small scale start up business growth infographic

If you are thinking of starting and establishing a business of your own, then you have to compromise on your monthly pay cheque and get involved aggressively in to making your dreams fulfil. Many a times, the founder invests his/her whole saving to kick-start the business, and from there on growing customer base, recruiting and managing […]

09Apr 2015
logo design

A logo is something that speaks more about your company on the whole. As the saying goes “First impression is the best impression”, logo makes your business look more strong and clear. There are few secret recipes listed below that makes your logo look perfect. Make sure that your logo tempts the end customer The […]

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