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Woocommerce Vs Magento – Which One Reigns Supreme [Infographic]

22 Apr , 2019  

Woocommerce vs Magento 
The debate of honoring the best ecommerce platform is going to be never ending. In the ecommerce industry, there are zillions of ecommerce platforms available under SAAS model, open source, customized & marketplaces. The very popular debate seems to be within the open sources itself and more between Woocommerce & Magento.
Each of these platforms have their own pros and cons and should be taken in to consideration the ecommerce business model one has before taking the right ecommerce platform. While Woocommerce is a popular WordPress CMS plugin, and the Magento is more sophisticated standalone open ecomemrce platform with much better scalable option than Woocommerce.
With zillions of ecommerce platform available in the market, it becomes incredibly difficult to choose & label the best one. To conclude the best ecommerce platform between the two, Woocommerce is good for small businesses with small catalog but doesn’t have the capability to scale-up, and while on the other hand Magento is much more complex and requires complex and powerful hosting and resources with huge opportunity to scale-up your ecommerce business.

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Woocommerce vs magento

Woocommerce Vs Magento


Tips to secure your office’s sensitive information

28 Jun , 2018  

The need for security and safety has become of much importance in today’s world due to increase in theft, malpractices, technological hacks if the security mechanism in a company is not stringent.

This infographic explains a few simple tips businesses can follow to secure sensitive information. Though these tips are not very end high, it can surely help you get started on making your office front line path safe and secure for everyone involved.

Infographic design by Cogent

5 tips to secure information in an organization


Useful Painting Tips from Experienced Painters

26 Feb , 2018  

The most important aspect of learning how to paint like a pro is knowing what needs to be done, when, and how. Any seasoned painter will tell you that preparation is more crucial than every other detail of the job. If you get your preparation right, everything else will just fall in line.

To start with, always inspect the surface to be painted. Look out for cracks, flaking or peeling, and get the area sanded or scraped to smoothen it. Where necessary, you should even consider washing the wall to get rid of tough stains.

Next would be to ensure you have all the necessary painting tools. Roller covers, brushes, painter’s tape, sprayer, you name it. Borrow, hire, or purchase your own from reputable dealers in the area. The last thing you need is for your painting job to be affected halfway through the project due to lack of equipment.

For the roller covers, you should know that they are available in different nap sizes. Whichever size you pick depends more on the surface texture. More texture on the walls would require a thicker nap on the roller cover for it to reach into crevices and cover a larger area. Plus, longer naps hold more paint.

While on equipment, you should look for an expert who is able to provide you with an estimate of how much paint will be required to complete the task, so that you can purchase it all at once, and score some major discounts. Plus, it is also convenient to mix all the paint at once and use it for the entire project, rather than having to stop and mix new paint occasionally.

Still on preparation, cover the areas and things you don’t want to be painted. From furniture, floors, doorknobs, and other hardware. Light switches and outlet covers are to be removed if you don’t want them to be stained or glued to the wall by paint.

Now, once you have ascertained everything is available, wait for a dry weather to start painting. This is mainly because the paint will dry faster during this period. However, if you can’t wait or you happen to live in an area where the weather is mostly humid, take advantage of the slow drying to undo any errors.

Always use a separate primer if you are working on a rugged surface, or an area that was last painted more than 8 years ago. The paint-and-primer combination is only ideal for clean and smooth surfaces that happen to get a painting retouch occasionally.

While painting, let the roller do its work. If you picked the right roller cover, there would be no need to apply too much pressure. What you should be more concerned about is finding an extension pole that can reach those high regions using very little effort.

Lastly, always paint from the top to bottom so that you can roll over any drips or spatters, thus saving you the hassle of repainting. It is a great practice that has enabled professional painters like us to build remarkable reputations. We are revered by residents and businesses a like for our quality painting services Cape Town wide. We could also help with your interior décor, wood varnishing, roof painting, floor painting, or redecoration if you contacted us on 087 550 2598. Our qualified and highly experienced painters are readily available to meet your painting needs. Check out our website at for more information.


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3 Marketing Strategies For SaaS Startups

24 Apr , 2017

For any B2B startup , having a set of marketing strategies is essential for growth. Since the dawn of internet, SaaS startups have evolved greatly and so has their marketing .It turns out that most successful SaaS companies invest a lot in their marketing.

This exhaustive infographic focuses on three core strategies that have worked almost every time for SaaS firms. These strategies include LinkedIn lead generation , PPC+Re-marketing and Inbound marketing. It explains step-by- step how to generate leads using LinkedIn, convincing leads through re-marketing and converting leads to customers by opting inbound marketing strategies.

marketing strategies for saas startup



How Technology Can Change the AirCargo Industry

20 Jan , 2017  

Technology has seeped into literally all industries and air cargo is no different. Cargo worth billions of dollars and euros are handled by air cargo industry all over the world and with time competition is growing intense in this sector. To stand tall amidst competition, players in this sector need to implement technology in their operations in a more intensive manner.

From deploying technologies like GPS and focusing on data sharing with partners, air cargo operators have to make technology an integral part of their operations. This includes logistics and inventory. Resorting to Smartphone based apps is also a way.

how technology can change aircargo



Top 6 Benefits of Having Visitor Management System on Cloud

24 Nov , 2016  

cloud based visitor management system

There are several benefits of hosting a visitor management system on cloud. With this infographic, we are going to show 6 benefits that every facility or security manager has always desired to have in their legacy system.

This Infographic designed and submitted by Cogent Innovations Pvt Ltd.



Make your shifting easier and organized

25 Jul , 2016  



Characteristic of Great Logos

10 Jul , 2016  



America’s Top 30 Richest People As of 2015

20 May , 2015  

Here is the statistics that shows 2015’s top 30 riches people in America. The big software giant Bill Gates tops the list followed with Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway and Larry Ellison of Oracle.

Curated from America’s Top 30 Riches People As of 2015


History of eBay, the giant online marketplace

15 Apr , 2015  

ebay infographic

Ecommerce and the online stores are just ahead of everything what we expected years before. eBay, the giant marketplace allows the user to buy and sell everything online, even the used or refurbished products. The first product that was sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer in 1995. eBay was found by Pierre Omidyar as a test result of software on his own homepage.

He initially tried to register eBay as “cho Bay”. In 1996, eBay has 250.000 items hosted for sale and in the next year it increased to 24,000,000 which was near a growth of 9600%.

The history of ebay is fascinating, check this infographic from to know more

ebay infographic