Digital Marketing

20Feb 2017

Marketers are aware of how valuable content marketing is but most of them still struggle with scaling/measuring their lead generation outputs via content. Digital marketers today understand the importance of blogging, social media, creating content like eBooks etc. However, when they are questioned about justifying “ROI” via content, most companies don’t have a substantial answer. […]

03Sep 2015

This is an amazing and great big list of infographic ideas with around 25 themes and concepts being discussed here that can help you create infographics! It states some interesting facts about infographics and moves from one idea to another, discussing it in details and with examples for a better understanding of the viewer. You […]

23Aug 2015

Do you want to earn money without attending a job? Do you want to earn money from home? Do you want to earn passive income? Money as well as time would you like to be free? If so, you are sure to find out affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a way that instead of selling […]

23Apr 2015

Digital marketing is taking up the online world to a new stature. Experts call 2015 as the year of Digital Marketing. Local retails going global overnight will be achieved with the help of PayPal, ApplePay and mobile marketing. Few facts about digital marketing in 2015 are listed below. Website with parallax scrolling will take advantage […]

09Apr 2015
top websites traffic list infographicscoop

One way top online stores can track their growth is with the number of visitors to their websites. All the advertisement campaigns and social media optimization techniques are used to increase traffic to their website. With more people going online for their research, shopping and social interaction needs, the online foot print is growing at […]

09Apr 2015
understanding digital advertising IDG global - Infographicscoop

Traditionally banner ads placed on top, bottom or sides of the web page are used for advertisements. If you want to make your online marketing strategy more effective, then you should look for more interactive and attractive modes of digital advertising. “Native Ads” give a fresh perspective to your advertisement campaign. Research shows that rich […]