E-Commerce Marketing Trends For 2017

22 Feb , 2017  

We are well into 2017 and the e-commerce industry is riding on the wave of new trends and technologies. Consumers have embraced the ways of shopping online through their mobiles and the retailers are also providing the most interactive experiences to them. According to Conversion Fanatics, customers spend 44% of retail internet minutes on their mobile phones and 11% on their tablets.

It’s high time that the marketers stop thinking ‘mobile users’ and ‘desktop users’ as being different. This is because an average household has 7.4 internet connected devices. It means that, the person who is a ‘mobile user’ one minute becomes the ‘desktop user’ the next minute. So why not have a UX design enticing enough for the mobile users not to switch their devices?

The e-commerce marketing world is going through these and many more such changes. This infographic from Biztech Consultancy will give you further insights on the latest e-commerce marketing trends.



History of eBay, the giant online marketplace

15 Apr , 2015  

ebay infographic

Ecommerce and the online stores are just ahead of everything what we expected years before. eBay, the giant marketplace allows the user to buy and sell everything online, even the used or refurbished products. The first product that was sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer in 1995. eBay was found by Pierre Omidyar as a test result of software on his own homepage.

He initially tried to register eBay as “cho Bay”. In 1996, eBay has 250.000 items hosted for sale and in the next year it increased to 24,000,000 which was near a growth of 9600%.

The history of ebay is fascinating, check this infographic from to know more

ebay infographic


Secret Recipe to Make Money Without a Job

12 Apr , 2015  

make money without job infographic

“Money has been a major demand in this fast moving world. There are many ways to make money but without a job it seems to be bit difficult. Here are few tips that helps your make money without going for a job.

  • If you have little talent, you are sure to make money by doing some simple street performances
  • Blogging is one great source of making money online
  • If you are good at writing, then you can go ahead and make some money by writing a eBook
  • Start an online store in affiliated markets like Amazon, eBay and more to earn money without going for any job

There are also many other jobs like babysitting, walk dogs, tutor etc that might help you earn money.

Learn more about earning money from this infographic

make money without job infographic