Employment and Career

24Apr 2017

After arriving at the final stage of army career and starting the transfer to the civil life, the former military men have the awkward feeling of not being ready for the labor market. Totally specialized skills and strict life rules occasionally drive employers to evaluate the former soldiers dishonestly choose totally civil workers to them. […]

24Apr 2015

Good and affordable healthcare is one of the most essential aspects that have still not reached many parts of the world. Even in this modern era, there are numerous places dotted across globe, which don’t even have the basic primary health care. The number of trained physicians and nurses is not enough to treat the […]

24Apr 2015

Almost everyone “slacks” at work. Maybe it’s just an off day, the work’s monotonous or boring or the employee is feeling a little frustrated, there may be different reasons for slacking. So, how do employees slack time? They talk to colleagues, text to friends or make personal calls or browse their social medial sites. A […]