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16May 2017

Too much of fashion can create a problem in your health and wearing high heel sandals and shoes also creates many health issues such as heel pain, hammer toes, bunions, etc. High heel foot wear provides a negative impact on your Knee, the Calf, Achilles tendon, Pump bump, Ankles and Heels. When high heel shoes […]

26Feb 2016
things to do in plantar fasciitis pain

Plantar fasciitis pain is really painful. The one who suffers would better know that and may not be able to explain in words. If you are one such victim, then follow the steps given in the infographic and make yourself relieve from PF pain.   Source: Did you know PF pain can be treated […]

25Apr 2015

Sugar is as addictive as cocaine and perhaps more dangerous to your health as you consume it daily! Yes, sugar has been linked to a number of diseases and disorders including hypertension, diabetes, skin disorders, headaches, acnes and more. Your soft drink contributes to nearly 33% of your daily sugar intake. A 10 ounce can […]

25Apr 2015

One mistake most dieters make is strictly sticking to the diet during the week and splurging on all types of fattening foods during the weekends. All the hard work of the week goes waste when you treat yourself on calorie-rich foods for sticking to the diet plan. Diligently plan to your eating routine and stay […]

24Mar 2015

A new treatment has been discovered for children affected with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. A year ago over 106,000 people demanded for treatments for Duchenne, and even now the fight is still going on. Learn more from this infographics… Unfortunately, FDA remains silence and did not take any action to implement the treatment. Source: