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Did You Know These LED Lighting Facts

16 Nov , 2017  

It is a known fact that LED light bulbs are becoming more popular than all other types of lighting due to many reasons. There are numerous interesting facts about LED Lighting, the following infographic from LightingParadise.com showcase top 10 facts on LED lighting that you might find very interesting.

led lighting facts

Source: LightingParadise.com

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Divorce Rates Statistics In The United States

3 Sep , 2015  

Check the recent statistics of Divorce rates in the US. The average divorce rate in America is 50% approximately. It has been identified that males and females married between age 20-24 have the highest divorce rate statistics.

The male divorce rate in this age group is about 38.9% and amongst female it is 36.6%. Learn more about the divorce statistics from this infographic provided by http://www.lylelawllc.com