Secret Recipe to Make Money Without a Job

12 Apr , 2015  

make money without job infographic

“Money has been a major demand in this fast moving world. There are many ways to make money but without a job it seems to be bit difficult. Here are few tips that helps your make money without going for a job.

  • If you have little talent, you are sure to make money by doing some simple street performances
  • Blogging is one great source of making money online
  • If you are good at writing, then you can go ahead and make some money by writing a eBook
  • Start an online store in affiliated markets like Amazon, eBay and more to earn money without going for any job

There are also many other jobs like babysitting, walk dogs, tutor etc that might help you earn money.

Learn more about earning money from this infographic

make money without job infographic


How Small Scale Start-ups Can Grow into Thriving Companies?

12 Apr , 2015  

small scale start up business growth infographic

If you are thinking of starting and establishing a business of your own, then you have to compromise on your monthly pay cheque and get involved aggressively in to making your dreams fulfil. Many a times, the founder invests his/her whole saving to kick-start the business, and from there on growing customer base, recruiting and managing employees, maintaining cash-flow and so on.

A recent study by Quickbooks revealed that about 64% of small business in America started their business with $10,000 or less. Since every start requires some level guidance, it is found that 38% of the businesses use online research/searches as an external source of guidance.

This infographic reveals some of the best practices for small scale start up business to grow big.

small scale start up business growth infographic

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Finance and Accounts

Technology for Better Financial Services

9 Apr , 2015  

technology impact on financial services

Will the advent of technology make financial services affordable and easily accessible for the lower-income strata of the society?

You will not be able to find financial institutions in the rural areas, but these days almost everyone has a Smartphone with access to the internet. This medium can be effectively used to give financial power to every person. With mobile phones, people can make money transactions or purchase products online. Also, technology makes it easy for everyone to use and access.

Want to know the impact of technology on financial services? Read this infographic.

Technology Impact on Financial Services

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Digital Marketing

Quick Stats on How Much Traffic Do Top Websites Get Daily

9 Apr , 2015  

top websites traffic list infographicscoop

One way top online stores can track their growth is with the number of visitors to their websites. All the advertisement campaigns and social media optimization techniques are used to increase traffic to their website. With more people going online for their research, shopping and social interaction needs, the online foot print is growing at an exponential rate. The number of people visiting top websites is increasing every year. Check out this quick stat on this infographic to find out how many people visit top websites per day.


Digital Marketing

Facts About Digital Advertising

9 Apr , 2015  

understanding digital advertising IDG global - Infographicscoop

Traditionally banner ads placed on top, bottom or sides of the web page are used for advertisements. If you want to make your online marketing strategy more effective, then you should look for more interactive and attractive modes of digital advertising. “Native Ads” give a fresh perspective to your advertisement campaign. Research shows that rich media ads have more reach and response when compared to static or text ads. So, in order to optimize your advertisement campaign, you should make use of the most audience-friendly techniques. For more facts about digital advertising industry, read this infographic.

understanding digital advertising IDG global - Infographicscoop

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Best Practices to Design your Business Logo

9 Apr , 2015  

logo design

A logo is something that speaks more about your company on the whole. As the saying goes “First impression is the best impression”, logo makes your business look more strong and clear. There are few secret recipes listed below that makes your logo look perfect.

  • Make sure that your logo tempts the end customer
  • The logo should be unique and not obvious
  • Avoid fashionable fonts and 3D designs in your logo
  • Be creative and be a trend setter
  • Logo should be simple and direct to the point
  • Colour and font delivers the perfect message of your business

For more information on logo design best practices, take a look at this infographic…

How to Design a Business LogoSource: Company Folders

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Evolution of An Entrepreneur – From Old World to Information Age

3 Apr , 2015  

evolution of an entrepreneur by homestead

Establishing a business in the early world was not an easy feat and one who has had, had controlled over majority of the wealth and income. During those days, about 25% of occupations in the middle ages were out of agriculture and entrepreneurs were mostly merchants and craftsmen. Craftsmen get trained as a trainee till they get a handhold in their craftsmanship, and those with skills were able to make it as an entrepreneur. Merchants started travelling outside and built major trading posts along major trade routes. And, from then the colonial expansion started and the global companies were established.

It was during industrial revolution the credit system assisted budding business men to secure funds for risky new ventures. During this era there were some extraordinary achievements and advancements in technology, transportation, energy, communications, industrial productions, etc. Then came the 20th century, the age when advertisement and communication took a central focus. The new media then was Newspaper, Television and radio. These media were used to market and advertise the products to masses. Finally, now is our very own information age. The increase in usage of personal computers to hand devices is phenomenal. This is the age where we have witnessed internet, selling goods online, search engines and many e-market space. The modern entrepreneurs go beyond product and services innovation to managing employees and establishing new companies.

But one thing remains common among all entrepreneurs. Check this infographic to know what it is…

evolution of an entrepreneur by homestead

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You Too Can Start Your Own Small Business

3 Apr , 2015  

how to start your own business infograghic

Do you want to start your own small business, but have apprehensions about the problems and challenges?

If you’re worried about losing your steady income as you invest in your business, you can start up even when you’re working full time or part time. It not only helps you learn more, but also gives you an opportunity to network and develop your business skills. Plus, you can slowly build your client base.

Plan well, save money and get yourself a good mentor, and don’t let anything stop you from becoming an entrepreneur. Interested?

Check out this infographic to know more.

how to start your own business infograghic

Source: TheUPSstore

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Children Are Dying – A New Treatment Could Save Them

24 Mar , 2015  

A new treatment has been discovered for children affected with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. A year ago over 106,000 people demanded for treatments for Duchenne, and even now the fight is still going on. Learn more from this infographics… Unfortunately, FDA remains silence and did not take any action to implement the treatment.

children are dying


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The History of Web Design – Trends Back Then and Now

10 Mar , 2015  

web design trends

Change is INEVITABLE. Whoever said this has said it right. Change happens everywhere and in every field. This infographcis “The historty of web design” by Americommerce is definitely worth looking at how web design has evolved from 1990 to 2014. The early days of web had so much focus on plain text and a few images appearing along side.

The web design trends and innovations started rolling out from then to till date and the web has seen a new and phenomenal growth in everything including colors, graphcis, styles, browsers, etc.