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3 Marketing Strategies For SaaS Startups

24 Apr , 2017

For any B2B startup , having a set of marketing strategies is essential for growth. Since the dawn of internet, SaaS startups have evolved greatly and so has their marketing .It turns out that most successful SaaS companies invest a lot in their marketing.

This exhaustive infographic focuses on three core strategies that have worked almost every time for SaaS firms. These strategies include LinkedIn lead generation , PPC+Re-marketing and Inbound marketing. It explains step-by- step how to generate leads using LinkedIn, convincing leads through re-marketing and converting leads to customers by opting inbound marketing strategies.

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Small Business SEO Guide [Infographic]

25 Jan , 2017  

With search engine algorithms changing every quarter and hundreds of factors being judged by search engines before ranking your site, quality search engine optimisation (SEO) has baffled many small business owners for a long time now.

While corporate giants and funded startups might enjoy the luxury of hiring deep-pocketed agencies to get this work done, small to medium businesses often struggle when it comes to getting a bang for their buck.

After running hundreds of experiments (and failing a lot of them as well), we’ve compiled this step by step guide which gives you actionable points as to where to start with the SEO of your small business.

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Future of Paid search marketing

15 Apr , 2015  

paid search marketing infographic

2015 is going to be a year for online marketing and sales. Pay-per-click advertising is going to take the online market and will be the core source for how a product is going to be marketed. Nearly 91% of the marketing experts believe that the paid search will be taking advantage over social media marketing, email marketing and even the traditional print marketing. Following are few of the major benefits of having paid search marketing.

  • Over 64% of clicks will be achieved using PPC
  • Paid marketing helps in delivering content to targeted audience
  • It also takes your brand to a new level
  • Cost effective service

The future of paid search marketing looks lucrative. Go for it!

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