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We have 3 different submission service plans – Contributor (Unlimited Infographic Submission), Express Submission and Free Submission. The submission in is guaranteed if your infographic meets all the submission guidelines. 

Basic Submission 
Per Submission
  • 1 Infographic Submission
  • 1 No-Follow Link
  • Live Within 10 Working Days
Express Submission 
Per Submission
  • 1 Infographic Submission
  • 1 Do-Follow Link/Submission
  • Infographic Promotion on Facebook
  • Live Within 5 Working Days
  • Faster Indexing
Contributor Account 
Per Year
  • Unlimited Infographic Submission
  • Up to 2 Do-Follow Links/Submission
  • Social Syndication (5000+ Users)
  • Live Within 3 Working Days
  • Faster Indexing
  • Dedicated Profile Page

Submission Guidelines:

  1. We don’t accept inforgaphic related to nudity, obscene or any content that motivates hatred and racism.
  2. Your infographic should be of good quality and showcase interesting information
  3. Please don’t submit your company’s marketing brochures as infographic
  4. Infographic with facts, figures, findings and data from authentic sources will soon be accepted
  5. Provide 100% unique description about your infographic, else your infographic will be deleted
  6. Once you have published unique description, it shouldn’t be published elsewhere
  7. If your infographic is not approved you’ll receive a full refund

Free Infographic Submission Plan 

  • Yes, We also provide Free infographic submission. Please click on the free submission button and submit your infographic using Google drive
  • Free infographic submission will take at least 10-12 weeks to get published
  • You need to provide 100% unique description for each submission, else your infographic will not be published
  • You get a no-follow back link mentioned as source in the bottom of the infographic