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TouchPoint’s Visitor Management Process Explained in 10 Steps

14 Aug , 2015  

Security and facility managers are much concerned about everything including visitor and business contact management to make their organization a safe, secured and hassle-free workplace.

Managing visitors manually is a not just the boring task but also a very time consuming and tedious work as it involves too many things to be collaborated such as identifying and noting visitor’s details, making them enter correct information about their identity, informing the employee who they have come to meet to and the list goes on. Hence to avoid these many tasks at one stretch and make your receptionist/security officers work smart, it is highly recommended to automate your visitor management process and let the receptionist and security managers work on their core job routines to meet their daily objectives.

Visitor management tools like TouchPoint helps companies automate the visitor management process to make your workplace safe and secure for everyone involved. Learn from this infographic the process of visitor management using TouchPoint.

visitor management infographic

Source: Cogent Innovations Pvt. Ltd

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